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“Forge Education’s work with our students helped to
raise their aspirations andexpectations beyond belief.
More than half of the Year10 students they worked
with went on to achieve A* or A grades in their GCSE Drama examination.”
Work with Year 11
students was profoundly
moving and of a standard
rarely seen in schools.”
“This was a splendid production, full of energy and vitality. I doubted whether young people could achieve so much in such a short period of time but my concerns were unfounded: the performance was exceptional. The students learned so much. It was, as promised, outstanding!”
“This production was both effervescent and extremely successful.”
“I am still basking in the afterglow of appreciation of that brilliant performance. it was a privilege to attend and a special privilege to be able to convey some words of admiration to you and to the cast. I would like to congratulate wholeheartedly the company on having the courage to enter into the heart of darkness of the reality of slavery, to portray that reality so powerfully and, in so doing, to maintain the dignity of those who are enslaved. I would also like to thank them for a production which portrays so vividly not only the horrors of slavery in the past but challenges us to address our responsibility to try to eradicate the continuing evil of slavery in our world today.”
- Ofsted
- Lucy Heritage, Head of Drama
- Wyll Willis, Headteacher
- The Scotsman
- Caroline Cox, The Baroness Cox
I’ve never worked so hard in my life … and I loved it too!
- Student